What Type of Presenter are You?

We all have different presentation styles, and it is important to analyze which type you are when giving a speech in the business environment. Ask yourself these questions:

  1. How do others view you when you speak?
  2. Is your message clear?
  3. Are your colleagues making assumptions as to who you are or what your knowledge is on the topics you are presenting?
  4. Will you gain or lose credibility depending on your speaking style?
  5. Each person has their personalized style and it is key to be aware and pay attention to the audiences’ response. What we may believe to be our strengths in our speaking style may be our weaknesses or key aspects that we need to improve on.  Here is a description of the different types of presenters so that you can try to identify which one you are.
The Wise One is the presenter who is highly knowledgable about his or her subject matter

The Wise One:

This type of presenter will enlighten people with their extensive knowledge. They tend to ramble off impressive terminology and give complex analysis and reasoning. However, with this type of presenter it is important to realize that while impressing your peers with your insight, you may not have the ability to fully connect with them emotionally. The presenters’ focus will be mainly on key important points including extensive data but will lack storytelling and empathy.

The Comedian who is the presenter that always making people laugh

Are you the Comedian?

You are a very funny speaker as you have the talent to always find ways to add humor to serious and boring topics? The person who can always get a rise out of their audience. Tread with caution because speakers who have this gift for making people giggle can also lose a bit of credibility as their presentation on serious topics may be taken lightheartedly and their intended messages get lost.

The Monarchs are the presenters who are very elegant speakers and show much credibility in their speaking capacities

 Are you the Monarch?

From the moment you start your presentation it is filled with sheer confidence demonstrating an air of superiority.  You quickly gain the audiences´ trust as your words and nonverbal communication make you seem very credible. Being that your gestures are always positive, be careful because this can create a distance between you and your audience, and they may feel disconnected.

The Magician is the speaker who can magically convince the audience and wow them with their speaking ability

Are you the Magician?

As a presenter, you walk on stage and wow your audience by being able to inform them and convince them of new and exciting things that they were unaware of. Perhaps you use your magic to be able to persuade them, or you can surprisingly change their viewpoint somehow. This Magician needs to be careful because it may just be all smoke and mirror tricks. The audience will see through your persuasive charade and you can lose credibility coming across as being a bit of a manipulator.

The Charmer is the charasmatic speaker who shows confidence and creativity

The Charmer?

You are a looker, charming and charismatic. You are energetic and a force to be reckoned with. People love to hear you speak and may feel in awe at your presence. This can be a very positive and powerful gift. However, it should be toned down in the corporate environment because your messages can be seen as a bit vague or ambiguous lacking authenticity.

The Pacifist is the speaker who tries to offer solutions and many suggestions to solve issues

The Pacifist?

You begin by talking about how you can create a solution to everyone´s problems. You are the savior and the peacemaker. You create strong connections with your audience by being empathetic and offering many possible solutions. Well done! However, beware because you may need to create realistic solutions to be able to move your audience into taking some form of attenable action. Can you propose what you promised? Your audience may also question your realism and look for concrete solutions.

After reviewing each type of presenter were you able to figure out which is your style? Maybe you are one of these or a combination of many. No matter what your style is, just be sure to figure out what you may be lacking in your presentation genre and try to correct it. The keys to being a successful speaker are to always meet your audience’s needs, surpass their expectations, make sure to always connect with your audience, and pay close attention to how they respond to your presentation.

Karyn Suárez is an Executive Coach and Public Speaking and Communication Trainer. She works with multinational companies in Spain and the USA helping executives and students to improve their public speaking and communication skills both in Spanish and in English.

Karyn Suárez , MBA

Karyn Suárez , MBA

Executive Coach Public Speaking Trainer & Owner of BUU



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