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  • Carlos Berenguer
    Aviation General Director

  • Pedro Rubio
    Aviation Director

  • Bernardo Andrés Pérez
    Heart failure responsible,
    Granollers General Hospital


Bernardo Andrés Pérez MD-eMSc., Granollers General Hospital
José Antonio Poyato Head of the Airport Operations Department
Germán González Venegas PROJECT DIRECTOR
Mark Long President
Pedro Rubio Aviation Director
Carlos Berenguer Aviation General Director
Ana Pérez Aeronautical Engineer / Airport Planning Expert
Alejandro Martín Cardinaal Head of Airport Architecture Department

“Time flies with Karyn!”

I am Andrés Pérez and I’m a cardiologist in Barcelona.

I met with Karyn online last year because I felt the need to have to speak in public at places such as conferences and in front of students and also communicate in a better way with my patients. My expectations were to learn how to communicate properly in the different environments and people I worked with so I decided to work with Karyn as my Coach online as One on One training. I had 5 sessions and although I was unable to work with her in person, I felt that her online sessions were tailored to my needs and quite interactive. In every session she would monitor my progress to show me techniques on how to improve not only in speaking but also in my confidence in English. Times flies with Karyn!

I feel that after just 5 sessions, my expectations were fully met and I’m looking forward to going beyond them and working with her again as soon as possible. I can use all the techniques I learned not only in my professional life but also in my personal life; when I’m having a conversation with my friends, I structure my arguments using Karyn’s teachings. I highly recommend having classes with her as they are not only a good learning experience but also a very fun and interactive experience.

“The Results Have Undoubtedly Exceeded My Expectations.”

My name is José Antonio Poyato and I am the Head of the Airport Operations Department of AERTEC Solutions. Due to my position, there are quite a few occasions in which I must speak in public, either with clients, with other collaborating companies or with colleagues from my own company.

In order to improve my speaking skills, at the end of 2017 I became part of the Public Speaking Course taught by Karyn, and the results have undoubtedly exceeded my expectations. The course provided useful and effective tools to gain the attention of the audience and translate the desired message in an appropriate way. A program of practical application both in the personal and professional field. Who doesn’t use communication on a daily basis?

The video recordings of the practical sessions were very interesting in order to see the progress that was achieved. It was really surprising and satisfying how the application of the techniques explained in the classes have amazing results as the sessions go by.

Undoubtedly, as much as if you usually speak in public or not, and whether you do it in English or in Spanish, I highly recommend participation in this program. Thanks Karyn!

“We Could Not Make It Without Her.”

Karyn is a fantastic coach for our toastmaster sessions. I am a usual public speaker attending to presentation in conferences as speaker and also particular presentations made for clients however I did not know I have so much potential on improving my speeches and my non verbal communications. I have known Karyn since November 2017 and now I feel extremely much confident when I talk in public. Her attitude and her effort to detect those point of improvement in any of us, and particular in me, has help us a lot in looking forward to future improvements. Definitely we could not make it without her.

Exceptional Attention to Our Needs in Enhancing Our Talents

Karyn provided a 12 week program for our company, helping to shape our ability to provide an effective public message and to connect with our target audience. I couldn't be happier with her training.

“It Has Been One of the Best Training Decisions I Have Made.”

My name is Pedro Rubio and I am the Aviation Director at Aertec Solutions. During the last 6 months I have been attending on a weekly-basis to the course “Public Speaking in English” that Karyn Suarez teaches in my company, and I must say that it has been one of the best training decision I have Made lately.

Her great communication skills, her knowledge of techniques and tricks in public speak, as well as how she has helped me prepare each presentation, have made me a better speaker, and most importantly, it has given me enough confidence when facing any presentation or speech. It is being a great experience that I recommend to anyone who wants to improve his communication skills, or want to overcome that barrier that sometimes involves having to speak in public.

“She is Absolutely Great.”

During last 6 months I have spent quite a lot of time improving my public speaking skills. I was very lucky because I found a great Public Speaking Coach whose name is Karyn Suarez. She managed the Public Speaking course/Oratoria Formacion in AERTEC Solutions from November 2017 and we are still enjoying this course.

I am the Aviation General Director of AERTEC Solutions and I have spent the last 10 years speaking in public and presenting projects to my clients. The truth is that I have learnt a lot of public speaking aspects that I did not realised that were so relevant. It has helped me to improve my communication skills and the way the message is received by the client. The progress during last 6 months has been very substantial, and some colleagues, that normally attend these presentations with me, have also told me that my public speaking skills have been increased a lot. I am very happy for having Karyn with us, she is absolutely great. My feeling is that she could win any of the toastmasters events in a national or international competition.

I recommend anyone with interest in improving its public speaking skills to select Karyn Suarez as a trainer because she is absolutely great.

“Recommended 100%”

The decision to attend the public speaking course was almost forced upon me as a decision made by the management of my company. They had made note that my fear of speaking in public was negatively effecting both my professional development and that of the company. My first day of the course, I could not help but turn bright red when speaking in public, even when it was time to simply introduce myself.

Thanks to the work we have done these months and the coaching that Karyn Suárez has done with me, in addition to improving my speaking skills, I have gained confidence in myself. I have gone from being afraid to speak in public, to now giving technical talks to professionals at international fairs, where all the speakers were talented speakers, and I was a success, and on top of that I actually found ENJOYMENT in speaking! Imagine that! In addition, I have currently participated in leadership and training sessions, something that was impossible before participating in the public speaking course.

I would like to highlight the personal involvement that Karyn Suárez has placed during the course, becoming involved in our personal projects as if they were her own. Before one of my big presentations she contacted me and made an effort to arrive early in order to hear me give a practice speech to her. Her personalized one on one service was invaluable.

None of this would have been possible without the public speaking course, which has undoubtedly been a turning point both in my professional career and in my personal life.

“Of all the activities I have done in this field, this has been the most profitable in terms of results for me.”

From the beginning of my career as an architect, during my university years, knowing how to transmit my ideas, the projects I developed, to clients, colleagues and, in general, to a prepared audience, has been and is one of my priorities. On many occasions I have witnessed how a brilliant project did not achieve the expected success, only because of the way it has been told. Also, in contrast, projects with average ideas, have come “forward” by the persuasion of who had told them.

This feeling has only grown since, 12 years ago, I took charge of the architecture area of ​​the company Aertec Solutions. In the personal sphere something similar happens. Carry out a management team, expose an idea to your neighborhood community or simply hold an event with your family, can be disastrous or great. It only depends on our abilities as communicators. As I say, this has always been a concern for me. I have read books, attended courses and made dozens of “speeches”. And this is the reason why, in November of last year, I signed up for the Public Speaking course taught by coach Karyn Suárez.

Of all the activities I have done in this field, this has been the most profitable in terms of results for me. For the contents, the method and for the atmosphere generated by Karyn in each has been dynamic. It is evident that our Coach perfectly masters how to speak in public. She is also very knowledgeable of assessing the proper techniques, how to properly evaluate a speaker, and an infinity of “tips” that help you, in a conscious way, to modulate, control and enjoy the art of speaking before an audience.

Because of her closeness, experience, and of course, ease in transmitting her knowledge, she is undoubtedly the best teacher I have had in this field. Teaching to speak in public can only be done by “speaking in public”. And, of course, going to a class or a presentation by Karyn means attending a master class in this difficult art.