One-to-One Training

The objective to the One-to-One Training Course is to be able to teach executives how to communicate the value of their products, services, and company image effectively, in the international business environment.

The course is designed for Executives and Managers with some prior public speaking experience who need to give presentations in front of groups, corporate meetings, sell ideas to others, conduct online conferences and webinars or pitch their ideas to investors and stakeholders.

• Coaching sessions can be offered both online and presential.
• Each course is customized to fit the timely needs of the executive.

Option I

Executive Communication Skills Training

Length of course: Select either one or two days per week 60-minute one-to-one sessions. Number of sessions will be determined.

Option II

Intensive Communication Skills Training

Length of course: Half and Full Day Intensive option available.

Investment: Please email me at: for details

* All courses can be customized to fit each company's needs.