Group Training

The objective to the Group Training Course is to be able to teach executives how to work in teams sharing their presentation skills to present value to their products and learn to communicate effectively.

The course is designed for Executives and Managers with some prior public speaking experience who need to give presentations in front of groups, corporate meetings, sell ideas to others, or face cameras and microphones.

Option I

This program is for the organization who feels that its executives and managers need to strengthen their communication skills both within the company, and externally in the corporate environment. Whether it be in the boardroom, for sales, at a team meeting, or in front of thousands, the coaching program is customized based on clients needs.

Length of course: 90 Day Program. All programs include one 60 minute weekly one-on-one sessions with Karyn. Video recordings will be done at all sessions to monitor improvements.

Option II

Intensive Presentation and Public Speaking Training Program for Executive Leaders.

Ideal for: Senior professionals who are pressed for time, and needs to see results “now,” and are committed to working at a highly intense level.

Length of course: Half and Full Day Intensive option available. Video recordings will be done at all sessions to monitor improvements.

Investment: Please email me at: for details

*All courses can be customized to fit each company's needs.