Effective and confident public speaking is a critical element which enables an organization to deliver its message to its employees and clients. 90% of people encounter difficulties with public speaking. If you are looking to help your employees develop the ability to communicate with your target audience, I can provide effective coaching and training to your executives and management team.

Karyn Suárez

I am a communications specialist and public speaking trainer in both Spanish and English (bilingual). I have taught public speaking courses both in Spain and the United States for over 10 years, as well as seminars on Interviewing and Negotiation Skills, Customer Service Relations and others. I can help you or your organization to prepare for your speaking events by designing workshops or seminars tailored to your specific needs.

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Karyn Suarez

One On One Training

Whether working with an executive preparing for a board meeting, or a student getting ready for a job interview, I offer individualized one-on-one coaching tailored to their needs.

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Group Training

As more of our communication is team based, organizations rely on team members to deliver their messages in a unified manner. My specialty is working with groups and implementing pragmatic team projects designed to enhance individual performance as part of a multi-persona strategy.

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Karyn Suarez

I am a communication specialist and public speaking trainer in both Spanish and English (bilingual). I have taught public speaking courses both in Spain and the United States for over 10 years, as well as seminars on Interviewing and Negotiation Skills, Customer Service Relations and others. I can help you or your organization to prepare for your speaking events by designing workshops or seminars tailored to your specific needs.

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Individualized Training

Whether working with an executive preparing for a board meeting or a student getting ready for a job interview, I offer individualized one-on-one, coaching, specifically tailored to that client and their needs.

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Group Training

As more of our communications are team based, organization rely on team members to deliver its message in a unified and authoritative manner. I specialize in working with groups, developing specific projects designed to enhance individual performance as part of a multi-persona strategy.

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% of People For Whom Public Speaking is Their Greatest Fear

seconds. The amount of time it takes to make a good first impression.

% of Communication that is non-Verbal

% retention rate increases when you incorporate an engaging story in your speech.



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Eva Del Moral Caballero Técnico
Rubén Reina Cuenca Mobile Solutions Developer
Lorena Pintor Rioja Functional Analyst and Team Lead
Pedro Rubio Aviation Director
Rubén Gallardo Nieto Middle Big Data Engineer
Bernardo Andrés Pérez MD-eMSc., Granollers General Hospital
Ana Pérez Aeronautical Engineer / Airport Planning Expert
Mark Long President
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Alejandro Martín Cardinaal Head of Airport Architecture Department
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Gennadii Miroshnichenko QA Engineer
José Manuel Pardo Godoy Solution Architect
Luisana Pernalete Sales Operation Manager
José Crespo Seguín CEO de salsero
Carolina Casero Team Leader Advisor
José Antonio Poyato Head of the Airport Operations Department
Santiago Santiago González Software Engineer
JUAN PINO LOPEZ QA Tester Engineer
Alba Cogolludo Ingeniero técnico

Karyn marca la diferencia

Hice este curso principalmente para practicar inglés, pero muy pronto descubrí que lo que realmente necesitaba mejorar eran mis habilidades para hablar en público, algo de lo que no estaba al tanto, pero ahí descubrí que hay un amplio mundo que descubrir.

El mejor aspecto es sin duda el dinamismo que proporciona Karyn, son clases que se hacen solas, aprendes sin darte cuenta y disfrutando de un gran ambiente. Consigue que tengas un gran rendimiento sin apenas esfuerzo.

Este curso superó mis expectativas con creces, vine para practicar mi inglés y no solo eso, descubrí muchas técnicas sobre como comunicar mejor y encima divirtiéndome.

Siento que he mejorado significativamente en muchas facetas de la comunicación, sobre todo ahora soy consciente de muchos aspectos en los que puedo mejorar y tengo las herramientas para poder seguir creciendo.

Es importante el compromiso de la clase, Karyn es capaz de adaptarse a las diferentes situaciones de los alumnos, pero siempre se consigue mejor rendimiento en aquellas sesiones en las que los alumnos llevan un trabajo previo hecho.

Me gustaría que el contenido que se utiliza para impartir las sesiones, sobre todo el tipo de diapositivas sobre tipos de discursos o técnicas comunicativas pudiesen estar accesibles en un tipo de plataforma virtual para poder acceder a ellas de alguna manera para poder repasarlas.

Los temas que considero más útiles son aquellas que permiten mejorar las técnicas comunicativas, del tipo Vocal Variety o Openings and Closings, etc. Esas clases son realmente útiles ya que te proporcionan herramientas para poder crecer.

Hay días que las clases son como un respiro de aire fresco y positivo que muchas veces ayuda a afrontar las tareas profesionales con otra perspectiva. No solo se crece como profesional mientras estás en la clase, si no que te recarga las pilas con un buena ambiente que te permite rendir mejor en el día a día.


Dinámicas estupendas para presentar un discurso, trucos para crear confianza y cohesión del grupo. Lo pase genial. Muchas gracias Karyn.

I faced my fears thanks to Karyn

Ciklum offered me Karyn's course. I knew there was a lot of room for improvements regarding communication skills and public speaking, so I took the chance. I have learned to be more in control of what I want to tell others in a speech or in daily conversations. I now feel much more confident during a public speech because I learned to reinforce my words with gestures and proper eye contact.

In the course, we put into practice every technique or skill Karyn explained and saw the results surprisingly quick.

This course not only exceeded my expectations but it was even better than I expected as it was also very helpful in facing my fears and understanding what other people perceive when you talk.

Excelente curso!

Decidí tomar este curso porque me lo ofrecieron en Ciklum y me parecio muy interesante tener un curso de comunicacion (esencial para mi role en la empresa). Lo que más me gustó es que fuese en inglés.

Lo que mas aplique fue la forma de captar la atencion de la audiencia y hablar de forma clara y tranquila añadiendo pausas. He aprendido mucho con la Coach Karyn que será muy útil en mi vida laboral.

Gracias Karyn!

“It Has Been One of the Best Training Decisions I Have Made.”

My name is Pedro Rubio and I am the Aviation Director at Aertec Solutions. During the last 6 months I have been attending on a weekly-basis to the course “Public Speaking in English” that Karyn Suarez teaches in my company, and I must say that it has been one of the best training decision I have Made lately.

Her great communication skills, her knowledge of techniques and tricks in public speak, as well as how she has helped me prepare each presentation, have made me a better speaker, and most importantly, it has given me enough confidence when facing any presentation or speech. It is being a great experience that I recommend to anyone who wants to improve his communication skills, or want to overcome that barrier that sometimes involves having to speak in public.

I received effective results with the One on One Training sessions

I had a double challenge as I wanted to improve my communications skills to drive better my internal and external presentations, and customers meetings in English, which is not my native language.

I have been working with Karyn in an 8 weeks One on One training program, helping me to polish my ability to provide an effective public message and to connect with my target audience. I am very happy with the results. I have learned how to avoid filler words, use pauses, and the power of the silence! I also think that I am managing better the volume of my voice and how I can use the body language. Based on the established results of my improvements, I will continue working with Karyn in my journey to improve my communications skills in English.


Try not to miss any of these classes!

I wasn't confident enough to speak in public, you could imagine speaking in public in English, I decided to take this class to improve in my career as a professional to be able to help other people in the future giving talks.

What I learned most in the course was the tips given to avoid using filler words which can be a big problem for most of us.

I think this course was very helpful. Whether or not you are speaking in public every day, you can also focus these course tips in your daily professional life.

Definitely, I've improved a lot, there is a tremendous difference between our first presentation in class and our final presentation. I highly recommend this course, and I suggest you attend every class, as in every session there is a new tip and new advice that you may not want to miss!

Thanks for your help and I hope to see you soon in other courses 🙂

“Time flies with Karyn!”

I am Andrés Pérez and I’m a cardiologist in Barcelona.

I met with Karyn online last year because I felt the need to have to speak in public at places such as conferences and in front of students and also communicate in a better way with my patients. My expectations were to learn how to communicate properly in the different environments and people I worked with so I decided to work with Karyn as my Coach online as One on One training. I had 5 sessions and although I was unable to work with her in person, I felt that her online sessions were tailored to my needs and quite interactive. In every session she would monitor my progress to show me techniques on how to improve not only in speaking but also in my confidence in English. Times flies with Karyn!

I feel that after just 5 sessions, my expectations were fully met and I’m looking forward to going beyond them and working with her again as soon as possible. I can use all the techniques I learned not only in my professional life but also in my personal life; when I’m having a conversation with my friends, I structure my arguments using Karyn’s teachings. I highly recommend having classes with her as they are not only a good learning experience but also a very fun and interactive experience.

“Recommended 100%”

The decision to attend the public speaking course was almost forced upon me as a decision made by the management of my company. They had made note that my fear of speaking in public was negatively effecting both my professional development and that of the company. My first day of the course, I could not help but turn bright red when speaking in public, even when it was time to simply introduce myself.

Thanks to the work we have done these months and the coaching that Karyn Suárez has done with me, in addition to improving my speaking skills, I have gained confidence in myself. I have gone from being afraid to speak in public, to now giving technical talks to professionals at international fairs, where all the speakers were talented speakers, and I was a success, and on top of that I actually found ENJOYMENT in speaking! Imagine that! In addition, I have currently participated in leadership and training sessions, something that was impossible before participating in the public speaking course.

I would like to highlight the personal involvement that Karyn Suárez has placed during the course, becoming involved in our personal projects as if they were her own. Before one of my big presentations she contacted me and made an effort to arrive early in order to hear me give a practice speech to her. Her personalized one on one service was invaluable.

None of this would have been possible without the public speaking course, which has undoubtedly been a turning point both in my professional career and in my personal life.

Exceptional Attention to Our Needs in Enhancing Our Talents

Karyn provided a 12 week program for our company, helping to shape our ability to provide an effective public message and to connect with our target audience. I couldn't be happier with her training.

Best course ever!

I decided to sign up for this course offered to our company by Coach Karyn Suárez and I was curious about the topic, and I wanted to improve my communication skills. Quickly I was hooked! Karyn is a great teacher, her power transmitted to every one of us and thanks to her training I now feel much more confident in being able to give my technical speeches at my company. This course by far exceeded my expectations. Thanks for everything Karyn. I hope to have the opportunity to attend more of your courses in the future!

“We Could Not Make It Without Her.”

Karyn is a fantastic coach for our toastmaster sessions. I am a usual public speaker attending to presentation in conferences as speaker and also particular presentations made for clients however I did not know I have so much potential on improving my speeches and my non verbal communications. I have known Karyn since November 2017 and now I feel extremely much confident when I talk in public. Her attitude and her effort to detect those point of improvement in any of us, and particular in me, has help us a lot in looking forward to future improvements. Definitely we could not make it without her.

One of the most productive that I have received in my professional career!

This course has been one of the most productive that I have received in my professional career, it has given me the opportunity to improve my communication skills in public. The way Karyn gives the course has made me try harder every day, overcoming my fear of speaking in public. The course has been very practical and enjoyable, which caught my attention at all times. Thank you. Leo

Excellent course!

Very practical and interactive, able to capture and summarize key concepts.

Thanks, Karyn for the unforgettable lessons.

I made the decision to take the course because I thought it was an innovative way to progress in my "use of English" (and it has been actually), but once I started, I learned that it was actually an even greater opportunity to increase my communication skills, express myself in a clearer way and, overall, find time to think and build a correct message. Karyn´s teaching approach was excellent. The lectures were clear and very useful and she gave sample presentations and showed us helpful examples of youtube videos and made everyone in the room participate. I want more! More time and more topics!. Really interesting.

What I learned in this course I believe, should also be in every single school and is needed to achieve your goals, present your ideas, and know ourselves. Thanks, Karyn for the unforgettable lessons.

“She is Absolutely Great.”

During last 6 months I have spent quite a lot of time improving my public speaking skills. I was very lucky because I found a great Public Speaking Coach whose name is Karyn Suarez. She managed the Public Speaking course/Oratoria Formacion in AERTEC Solutions from November 2017 and we are still enjoying this course.

I am the Aviation General Director of AERTEC Solutions and I have spent the last 10 years speaking in public and presenting projects to my clients. The truth is that I have learnt a lot of public speaking aspects that I did not realised that were so relevant. It has helped me to improve my communication skills and the way the message is received by the client. The progress during last 6 months has been very substantial, and some colleagues, that normally attend these presentations with me, have also told me that my public speaking skills have been increased a lot. I am very happy for having Karyn with us, she is absolutely great. My feeling is that she could win any of the toastmasters events in a national or international competition.

I recommend anyone with interest in improving its public speaking skills to select Karyn Suarez as a trainer because she is absolutely great.

A true communication and oratory specialist

Public speaking is very important for the work I perform, that is why I decided to improve my speaking skills and take the course with Karyn Suarez, a true communication and oratory specialist. Classes were tailor-made for our needs and we ended up learning and improving our abilities by following her training and advice. I strongly recommend her for improving your public speaking skills!

"Unas clases magistrales impecables!"

A lo largo de varias sesiones teórico-prácticas muy amenas, Karyn nos enseñó todas las claves de un buen discurso y varios trucos y consejos para hacer una presentación memorable. Su personalidad y profesionalidad, unido a unas clases magistrales impecables, hacen que recomiende este curso a cualquier persona que quiera vencer el miedo de presentar en público.

"El curso ha sido de mucha ayuda por su componente práctico"

El programa de oratoria impartido por Karyn ha sido de mucha ayuda por su componente práctico. Me ha gustado especialmente el formato usado en el que mediante unas líneas teoricas básicas los alumnos empiezan rapidamente a ponerse en acción, aumentando su autoconsciencia e incorporando rapidamente el feedback de la coach.

It was an amazing course!

During the past two months course, I learned how to improve my skills related to communication. All the classes were very funny and intensive combining theory with practical exercises. Now I feel more confident when I have to speak in public. I also feel that I have learned some key points that I can continue improving to become a better speaker. Thank you, Karyn, you always were so kind and your passion was contagious.

I've learned so much from Karyn!

I took this class because I considered improving my public speaking abilities as a great challenge. Not only in my professional but also in my personal life.

I have learned a lot of techniques in this public speaking course such as time control, visual contact, use of voice variety and different tips to engage the attention of the listeners. What I liked most about the classes was the way we interacted with each other, using a lot of practical examples and evaluating our classmates to receive effective feedback. This course met my expectations. I would recommend it to everyone who wants to improve their public speaking abilities. After taking this class I felt that I learned many tips and advice to become a great communicator. Thanks for your help, Karyn 🙂

“Of all the activities I have done in this field, this has been the most profitable in terms of results for me.”

From the beginning of my career as an architect, during my university years, knowing how to transmit my ideas, the projects I developed, to clients, colleagues and, in general, to a prepared audience, has been and is one of my priorities. On many occasions I have witnessed how a brilliant project did not achieve the expected success, only because of the way it has been told. Also, in contrast, projects with average ideas, have come “forward” by the persuasion of who had told them.

This feeling has only grown since, 12 years ago, I took charge of the architecture area of ​​the company Aertec Solutions. In the personal sphere something similar happens. Carry out a management team, expose an idea to your neighborhood community or simply hold an event with your family, can be disastrous or great. It only depends on our abilities as communicators. As I say, this has always been a concern for me. I have read books, attended courses and made dozens of “speeches”. And this is the reason why, in November of last year, I signed up for the Public Speaking course taught by coach Karyn Suárez.

Of all the activities I have done in this field, this has been the most profitable in terms of results for me. For the contents, the method and for the atmosphere generated by Karyn in each has been dynamic. It is evident that our Coach perfectly masters how to speak in public. She is also very knowledgeable of assessing the proper techniques, how to properly evaluate a speaker, and an infinity of “tips” that help you, in a conscious way, to modulate, control and enjoy the art of speaking before an audience.

Because of her closeness, experience, and of course, ease in transmitting her knowledge, she is undoubtedly the best teacher I have had in this field. Teaching to speak in public can only be done by “speaking in public”. And, of course, going to a class or a presentation by Karyn means attending a master class in this difficult art.

"Curso muy interesante, dinámico y divertido"

Gracias Karyn. El curso me pareció muy interesante, dinámico y divertido. Los casos prácticos son interesantes. Enhorabuena porque me quedé con muchos tips importantes del mismo. Muchas gracias por todo!!!

Many useful techniques and tools

I took this class because I wanted to improve my public speaking skills in general (get used to facing an audience), and specifically to understand how to effectively deliver a message using the right tools (voice, language, etc.)

I have learned many useful techniques and tools, which I will be able to apply based on the kind of presentation/talk I will deliver, for instance: how to maximize the power of the presentation through opening and closing, how to use body language, how to use vocal variety, how to avoid filler words and use pauses. The aspects that made the classes so effective was that each time, one by one, we all stood up in front of the class and did the "exercise" related to the specific topic of the day: that was the key to putting the theory into practice.

Improvements come with practice, so the real improvement will come if we keep practicing and using the tool we have learned, but without any doubt, thanks to the class exercises and the final presentation we had to perform, I feel like I already improved my public speaking skills.

Thanks a lot, Karyn, it's been a really fun and useful experience, stay in touch!

"Una gran profesional"

Me ha parecido un curso muy completo, con una gran profesional. Nos queda mucho por aprender y practicar. Gracias por todo

 No more fear 🙂

This course was very helpful for me. Body language, the voice variety, and gesture control, also learning the importance of pausing were really helpful.

Karyn has a way of creating a fantastic atmosphere in the class.

Really cool course, Thank you! I now have no more fear 🙂

Karyn, thank you for this course, it was really funny, interesting and useful.

A MUST for everyone that needs to present ideas in public

A former colleague that is a reputed speaker in technical conferences told me once that he attended a course like this and his presentation skills rocketed. I felt that this course did the same for me.

Some of the key components of the course that I learned were; introduction techniques, pauses, and vocal variety and the most effective was learning to control my filler words. Karyn creates a positive mood during the classes that make it easy even for the shyest person to start speaking in public. After taking this course, I feel more confident when giving a presentation, and I noticed a big improvement.

The overall course experience was excellent. I recommend this course to all managers and anyone who needs to express their professional ideas in public attractively and effectively. Thanks, Karyn!

He Aprendido Mucho!

El Curso con Karyn ha sido muy interesante. He aprendido mucho, sobretodo al darme cuenta de mis propios fallos, que es el primer paso para dejar de cometerlos. Ha sido muy agradable, dinamico y divertido. Gracias.

"Agradecido a Karyn por su paciencia y su cercanía"

¿Cuántas veces te has tenido la oportunidad de hablar sobre un tema que dominas, pero tus nervios y tu falta de confianza no te han dejado? y ¿Cuantos malentendidos por no haber expresado una idea bien has tenido que arreglar? soy empresario, y tengo que hacer frente a conversaciones con proveedores, clientes, inversores, empleados, y algunas veces en medios de comunicación como radio y TV. Antes de conocer a Karyn "sobrevivía a esos momentos", y digo sobrevivía porque era algo que no disfrutaba y quería terminar cuanto antes sin haber metido la pata. Hoy después de mis mentorias con Karyn, no sólo he mejorado mi Oratoria, sino que me he convertido en un fanático de ello, deseando poder hablar en público, o dar alguna formación. Estoy inmensamente agradecido a Karyn por su paciencia y su cercanía, pero sobre todo por desde el primer momento confiar en mi.

"Karyn es una trabajadora incansable"

Karyn es una trabajadora incansable, con alta capacidad de observación y de síntesis. Su feedback es rico y preciso, esta característica hace que sea una buena acompañante para la mejora o la adquisición de nuevas habilidades. Cualidad profesional destacable es su capacidad para gestionar personas y generar espíritu de equipo, motivación y trabajo conjunto, esta capacidad, unida al porfundo conocimiento convierte a Karyn en una ayuda inestimable a la hora de apoyar nuestro negocio. Proactiva y buscadora de recursos que lleven siempre a una relación de WIN to WIN. Directa en mensajes, esto hace que el cliente vea en ella a un buena partner, ganando rápidamente la confiaza del mismo. Conocedora profunda de su ambito de conocimiento, es una persona cercana, seguidora de los resultados de sus clientes al milimetro, siendo una baza importante su versatibilidad de funciones, no sólo comunicativa sino tambien formativas. Es una gran profesional con amplios conocimientos y siempre dispuesta y motivada a explorar nuevas vías de colaboración. A nivel personal su trato es excelente y sincero.

"Sesiones muy interesantes y dinámicas"

Las 3 sesiones a las que he podido asistir han sido muy interesantes y dinámicas. Empezaré a aplicar lo que hemos aprendido en las próximas reuniones con clientes. Trabajaré en los elementos que tengo que tener guardados en mi caja de herramientas para tener una improvisación lo más preparada posible. Muchas gracias, Karyn.

“The Results Have Undoubtedly Exceeded My Expectations.”

My name is José Antonio Poyato and I am the Head of the Airport Operations Department of AERTEC Solutions. Due to my position, there are quite a few occasions in which I must speak in public, either with clients, with other collaborating companies or with colleagues from my own company.

In order to improve my speaking skills, at the end of 2017 I became part of the Public Speaking Course taught by Karyn, and the results have undoubtedly exceeded my expectations. The course provided useful and effective tools to gain the attention of the audience and translate the desired message in an appropriate way. A program of practical application both in the personal and professional field. Who doesn’t use communication on a daily basis?

The video recordings of the practical sessions were very interesting in order to see the progress that was achieved. It was really surprising and satisfying how the application of the techniques explained in the classes have amazing results as the sessions go by.

Undoubtedly, as much as if you usually speak in public or not, and whether you do it in English or in Spanish, I highly recommend participation in this program. Thanks Karyn!

I don't remember a course in which the trainer was so qualified

In this course, I felt that I have learned so much about communication skills and many more techniques including; removing filling words, varying voice, pitch, introducing pauses, controlling gestures, using openings and closings, etc.

We had a lot of fun, which in my opinion is the BEST way to learn.

This course exceeded my expectations. I don't remember a course in which the trainer was so qualified.

More of Karyn Suarez 🙂

Looking forward to the Advanced course!

One of the best courses I attended in the last few years without any doubt. Thanks again!

Conocimiento intangible de gran valía aplicable tanto de forma personal como profesional.

Me ofrecieron la oportunidad de mejorar mi oratoria, aspecto clave que no nos enseñan en la vida académica.

Lo que mas aprendi en el curso fue la importancia del contacto visual y el lenguaje no verbal, la seguridad frente a la audiencia, técnicas para hacer atractivo y reseñable un discurso al tiempo que se conecta con los oyentes, estructuración de contenidos.

Lo que mas valore del curso con Karyn fueron lo practico que resultan las lecciones y la rapidez de mejora que se evidencia en unas cuantas sesiones.

Karyn es una estupenda profesora de oratoria, representando ella misma el mejor ejemplo de sus técnicas. Paciente con sus alumnos y siempre positiva y dinámica, haciendo que sus clases sean todo disfrute.


In the corporate environment, communication includes engaging in critical conversations, conducting meetings and presentations, networking, and participating in telephone and conference calls. Professional image is composed of visual, vocal, and verbal messages. Body language should represent an executive presence and voice quality and speaking style should enhance that image. The inability to communicate effectively with power and confidence will directly impact the company’s image, resulting in loss of business, poor customer satisfaction, and decreased productivity.

Karyn Suárez

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